Lighting Your Rheen Vulcan 135l

//Lighting Your Rheen Vulcan 135l

Lighting Your Rheen Vulcan 135l

Warning: This gas water heater is designed to operate reliably and safely as long as the operating instructions are followed exactly. You must comply with these lighting instructions at every stage.

Make sure the water heater is filled with water and the water supply is on, otherwise serious damage to the vitreous enamel cylinder lining and plastic components may occur.

The installer must check all gas connections for leaks, gas supply pressure and test point pressure (refer rating label). Remove the access cover at the front of the water heater to access the gas thermostat.

Note: AS 3498 requires that a water heater provides the means to inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria in potable water. This water heater can satisfy this AS 3498 requirement provided it is operating and the thermostat setting is 60°C or higher, including when it is used as an in-series booster water heater for a solar water heater.


This water heater is equipped with an igniter button which lights the pilot. When lighting the pilot follow these instructions exactly.
Before lighting ensure there is no smell of gas around or in the vicinity of the water heater and the burner opening. Be sure to smell next to ground level as some gases can settle there.
What to do if you smell gas.
Do not try to light the water heater.

If the gas smell is throughout the area, turn the gas control knob clockwise

to the “” (off) position and then turn off the isolation valve on the gas line

to the water heater. Leave the area and call Rheem Service or a qualified

service technician.

Use only your hand to turn the gas control knob, never use tools. If the control knob will not turn by hand, don‟t try to repair it, call a qualified service technician. Force or attempted repair may cause a fire or explosion.
Do not attempt to operate this water heater if it has been damaged. Call a qualified service technician.


Using the gas control light the water heater as follows:

Stop, read the safety information on page 34.
Remove the access cover.
Turn the gas control knob fully clockwise to the “” (off) position.
Wait five (5) minutes so any build up of unburnt gas can escape. If you then smell gas, stop and follow “C” in the safety information. If you do not smell gas, proceed to step 5.
Turn the knob to the “” (pilot) position.
Depress the knob fully (until star disappears below housing) and after 30 seconds, whilst keeping the knob depressed, repeatedly press the igniter button (for up to 40 seconds) until the pilot flame ignites.
Warning: Keep your face clear of the combustion chamber opening while pressing the igniter.

Note: It is not possible to depress the knob fully if the gas control has activated its safety shut-off feature. In this case, wait 60 seconds for the gas control to reset.

Keep the knob depressed for 20 seconds after the pilot flame lights.
Release the knob and check the pilot is still alight. The pilot can be checked by looking through the large opening below the gas control.
If the pilot has failed to light or has not remained alight, turn the gas control knob to the “” (off) position. Wait five (5) minutes for any unburnt gas to escape and then begin again at step 5.
Warning: Failure to wait five (5) minutes may result in a fire or explosion.

When the pilot flame remains alight with the gas control knob released, turn the knob anticlockwise to the setting of „5‟. This will give a water temperature of about 60°C.
Refer to “Temperature Adjustment” on page 5, if further temperature adjustment is required.
Replace the access cover.
The main burner will now automatically ignite when heating is required and extinguish when the water has been heated to the set temperature. If the main burner does not light at the selected setting, the water may already be at the selected temperature.

Note: Never press the igniter button while the top knob is in a numbered position.

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